Sod You, Dick Roche

Roche CartoonDick Roche, the junior minister who claimed €50k in mileage in two years, has reacted to the defacing of his posters by overlaying it with a sticker saying “This Poster Was DEFACED By People Who Oppose Democracy”.

No Mini-ster. Come here, let me explain something to you in the eccentric capitalization you understand.

That Poster Was Defaced By People Who Oppose YOU.

That poster was defaced by people who are outraged at what you and your party have done to their democracy. By people who are going to rid their democracy of you and of the likes of you.

That poster was defaced by voters.

4 thoughts on “Sod You, Dick Roche

  1. I’m all too accustomed to Mr Roche making me angry. Remember his Watergate? Right at the height of the Galway Crypto Crisis in 07, he pressed on with a massive press launch for some water initiative. I can still see him, standing between two Lovely Girl models, mugging for the cameras with a jug of fresh, clean H20 when just 200km away, the people of Galway were afraid to drink the water from their own kitchen taps… Disgraceful.


  2. He’s gone. From my upstairs window I can still see the cloud of dust dissipating from the counting centre. We can all start breathing again!

    God knows how he’s going to eke out a meagre living from now one. He’ll be 65 in March 2012, and he’ll be able to claim the OAP at that stage, but I suppose he’ll just have to manage on his ministerial pension and severance pay until then.


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