Current Party Standings

Incidentally, I must apologise for the lack of cartoons in these posts. I’m pretty much typing or reading all the time so I’m not really getting much of a chance. Will attempt to do one with my elbow.

Micheál Martin was elected in Cork, on the first count. With only 41 left over though, he won’t be bringing in a colleague. With four seats left, 2 FG and 2 to Labour looks most likely. RTÉ television have decided what what he has to say is more important than the actual vote or anything, so I had to get the (extraordinary) news about my own constituency from the radio. Finally though they did replace Martin’s face.

With Brian Cowen’s.

Let’s refresh our minds by glancing at the current standing of the parties:

FG 19, Lab 12, Others 7, SF 5, FF 3.



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