West Shows The Way

Labour top poll! Contrary to expectations, FF’s Ó Cuív didn’t win the first count in Galway West. Labour’s Derek Nolan took the yellow jersey. It’s basically impossible for him not to be elected now.

The question is whether it is possible for both socialists to make it in. My own vote is currently resting with Catherine Connolly, who has just under half a quota. Noel Grealish (XPD) did well on the first count, so he seems secure. It looks very much therefore that the fifth seat in Galway West will be a fight between Connolly and a second Fine Gaeler – and at the moment there are two FG candidates (just) ahead of her.

As the other independents are eliminated, their votes will tend to go towards Connolly. The third FG candidate’s will obviously go mainly to FGs. Which will FF votes go to? That’s anyone’s guess.

I think Connolly can do it, but… We’re going to be up all night, people.

Nearby in Mayo meanwhile, two FG candidates – one the party leader Enda Kenny – have been elected on the first count. That’s extraordinary. It seems certain they will win four out of five of that constituency’s seats.


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