Bad News For Galway West :(

Well it looks like I called it wrong in Galway West. While it is just about theoretically possible for Catherine Connolly to be elected on Trevor Ó Clochartaigh’s (SF) transfers. it is as unlikely as all hell. Almost certainly this round will see Nolan (Lab) elected, she’ll get most of his surplus, but it won’t quite be enough.

Shame. I freely admit a certain amount of wishful thinking may have been involved. Sometimes being on the left in Galway feels like being stranded on a desert island with a single palm tree.

Michael D. Higgins was a nice palm tree. I wonder how Nolan will shape up.


One thought on “Bad News For Galway West :(

  1. Oh please. With his poetry and intellectual leanings, Michael D was good for the city’s profile and nothing more. I guess, say about 20 years ago, he was probably a good councillor who got things down. But since he lost his ministerial portfolio, he’s been a spent force.
    And Catherine Connolly: can you identify a single thing she has done for the city? I’ve been out of the loop for a long, long time. But for a long, long time before I left the city her area of expertise seemed to be Getting Up Officials’ Noses. Very productive. Not.
    In politics, you can only talk the talk for so long. Eventually, people will start asking, “What have you done for me – or the city, or the country – lately?” That’s the bottom line.
    Let’s see how this young Nolan guy gets on…


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