Galway Cliffhanger News…

Recount!? Who the hell called for a recount!?! Aaaaah. Aaaaah. Aaaaah.

Sorry, my nerves are beginning to go. But assuming that a big pile of Frank Fahey Number Ones doesn’t turn up, it’s hard to see it overturning anything.

While I still think that Catherine Connolly can’t quite make it, but it’s turning out to be closer – still closer – than I expected.

Meanwhile in Galway East they’re also recounting. Hence the expression, county Galway.


2 thoughts on “Galway Cliffhanger News…

  1. I think it’s pretty clear already what the fall-out of this election is. No need to obsess over the nitty-gritty up-to-the-minute news of it.

    To me that always has seemed to fit a bit too much in modern times “politics as a sports match”-reporting. Not that I won’t be guilty of it during the upcoming March Dutch Provincial Elections of course.

    p.s. I think Laois/Offaly is also going into recount.
    p.p.s. Why are they so slow with counting in Wicklow? It seems to me to be no particular reason for it from the results. Is it just that they’re slow over there?


  2. Yeah yeah. But this is my constituency…

    And it’s over whether the fifth seat will go to a firm right-winger or a firm left-winger. As we are seeing what seems to be the beginnings of a real left-right axis in this country, it could actually be significant in the near future.

    What I am hoping for I guess is the creation of a left alternative to Labour, so that when voters despair of that party (which they will, at the next election if not sooner) they will have the choice of going further left, instead of having no alternative but to go back to the right as now.


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