Liberals Off The Agenda

Manchester Town Hall
London's Big Ben. Or Westminster Abbey maybe. Who the hell is on the picture desk?

It just shows how long the UK’s Liberals have been away from the cutting edge of politics. They asked for mold-breaking electoral reform but, too eager to get into government for the first time in almost a century, settled for a rederendum on change so half-assed that some reformers even campaigned against it. And somehow they end up with most of the blame for the cuts too. Their old rivals slit them up like a fish.

I guess that’s about it for one of the great historic political party. Twits.


3 thoughts on “Liberals Off The Agenda

  1. Oh… that’s not fair. It’s just that people are inherently wary about changes to *their* electoral system. It’s our only direct input to the political process and it feels wrong to tinker with our time-honoured ways.


  2. To whom am I being unfair? I’m thinking the way I phrased it made it sound like I blamed the Liberals more than I meant to. (I’ve changed that.)

    Mind you, if some of them didn’t vote for change for the reason you propose – i.e., because it was change – then they probably shouldn’t be voting in the first place.


  3. Hey what you got against fish?
    They’re probably smarter than the average voter!
    And at least they don’t shoot themselves in the foot (err…fin?) once every 4 years.
    Gloop Gloop!


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