Queen’s Greatest Hats

World's constitutional monarchies coloured by ...
These Countries Have A Special Magic Person

It’s not that I didn’t care about the royal visit. I had really strong feelings. It’s just that they were so contradictory, they averaged out somewhere near ‘Meh’.

So it was a good thing mostly. I was irritated by commentators who gushed like it was the second coming of Elizabeth Christ, beginning of the end of all our troubles. (Slightly disorientating that this coincided with America’s latest rapture attack.) I’m sure that it will be good for our image abroad and for tourism especially, will demonstrate that the Irish still know how to entertain even – perhaps especially – when times are tough. If everything goes well with the Obama visit too, I think this whole summer will be remembered as one brilliant PR coup.

But like all true democrats, I’m a republican (try explaining that in the US), and find the idea of ‘constitutional monarchy‘ bizarre. Genuine monarchy at least has the excuse that it’s what happens when someone wins a fight. But for a self-proclaimed democracy to maintain the post of hereditary pretend-ruler… Well basically it’s just silly, a sort of national charade. This may look like a nice little old lady, but we’re all pretending she’s magic. I resent being required to play along.


4 thoughts on “Queen’s Greatest Hats

  1. There’s never been much of a republican movement in Canada. If Canadians stopped to think about it, they’d mostly say that they like the idea of a constitutional monarchy because of the history and all that it implies. If the Royals ever started trying to exercise their power in a politcal way here, you can bet that sentiment would change very quickly.


  2. As much as I’m a republican too, in the sense of not a royalist: the countries depicted have, on average, a relatively high level of political stability and incredible wealth.

    Scandinavia, the Netherlands, UK, Japan? It seems it’s good to have a king.


  3. I think you’ll find on consideration that it is effect rather than cause.Chiefly it acts as an indicator of not having been colonized by foreigner powers.

    Johnny, Canada is an interesting case. I suppose that whatever the downsides of monarchy, it has a special value for Canada as a very powerful symbol of not being the USA.


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