Testing Testing One Two One Two

An Irish learners permit which is issued to be...
Licence To Kill

Thank you for your perseverance through the downtime. I lost my blogging rhythm for a few days there, between one thing and another. One was the current job – if that’s an appropriate word for what’s turned into a litany of frustration – the other my driving test, which I failed.

It would be easy to say the main reason for the other was the one. Easy, and largely true. I only had time to drive every other day because I was busy working to (oh, the irony) pay for lessons.

Too easy though; I want to resist the urge to blame something other than myself. Driving is about the most responsible thing you can do. Unless you’re a surgeon or a soldier in action, you aren’t usually in a position where one lapse of judgement can kill the person nearest to you. So no excuses, I wasn’t ready for that test.

I probably never will be. Let’s face it, I lack the necessary intelligence and skill to ever be left in charge of a dangerous machinery. Wait, that’s too far the other way now. In reality there were bad habits in my driving technique that I became aware of too late in the game to break. Ah well. I have applied for another test.

So in the last six months I’ve gone from being certain that driving wasn’t for me to being besotted with it – closely followed by the feeling I’d never figure it out, and finally a cautious optimism that I’m going to get it right some day. It’s been like adolescence on fast-forward.


2 thoughts on “Testing Testing One Two One Two

  1. I so sympathise with you. I’ve had a very similar experience with driving lessons… and failing. Don’t fuss too much about it! And even if you fail, you can take solace in the thought that probably within 10 years, cars will be driving themselves anyway, much better, safer and efficient than any human driver ever could.


  2. Am I fussing? Am I? Who says I’m fussing. I am not fussing dammit!

    Though I may not be skilled enough yet, I like driving. Pretty sure I’ll be the guy holding out in his manual car when everyone else is automated. Crazy dangerous old manual-car guy.


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