Rain, Poetry, Good Times

Rainbow at Flat Lake
OK So The Sun Shone Once. But Just This Once

We’ve passed through the village of Drung and are now approaching Tang. For directions someone could have told us to follow the sound of falling cutlery. On our way back from the Flat Lake Festival, where people from all around the country bring their smoothest lakes for comparison. Though I told someone I was going to the Sloped Lake Festival. Where are they having that she asked. Up a hill.

OK, it’s a literary and music fest. A strange-sounding combination, but it works because it’s in a very big field. Headliners included novelists John Banville and Pat McCabe and journalist Robert Fisk, and on the music side Fred and Jinx Lennon. Except there weren’t any headliners because it was all equal billing; those are just some you might recognise. There were pals there too, including physical theatre duo The Gombeens, Niceol Blue whose band I mentioned last month, and her partner Órla the improvisational actress.

Sadly, due to circumstances beyond our control, we could only stay for one afternoon. Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, it rained steadily and absolutely throughout. Everyone we met – and the place turned out to be full of people we knew – seemed eager to tell us that the day before had been so hot they could barely move. Just what you want to hear when your hat has soaked through and you’re up to your ankles in slippery muck. Nevertheless we had a great time. If the atmosphere was so good in the rain, in the sun it must have been very nearly frightening. Definitely one to earmark for next year.


2 thoughts on “Rain, Poetry, Good Times

  1. Am glad I couldn’t make it because it rained. Am sorry I couldn’t make it because of the company. My friend Kit was performing and I haven’t seen you or Brian for ages.

    Hope I will catch you again soon!


  2. But the rain was lovely!

    Well OK, maybe it wasn’t lovely. Maybe it was just ordinary rain. Atmosphere can play tricks with your mind.

    See you in Dublin sometime soon I hope.

    No, it was definitely a bit warmer than normal rain.


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