The Persecution Of Google’s Eric Schmidt

There is now a follow-up to this article: The Return Of The Google Stalker

Schmidt, left, with Brin and Page
It is possible that they hired him to *look* evil though (Schmidt, left, with Brin and Page)

I’ve had unkind things to say in the past about Google, in particular executive chairman Eric E. Schmidt. Along with many others, I have – possibly unfairly – suggested that his attitude towards privacy rights might not be all it should.

I have never accused him of murder though. You have to give me that.

Eric Schmidt is being cyberstalked. No, that would be to aggrandize it. Someone is comment-spamming Eric Schmidt. Virtually anywhere Schmidt is mentioned, a Chinese guy calling himself Peter Cao comes to accuse him (and Stanford Professor of Artificial Intelligence Sebastian Thrun) of being involved in the murder and/or cover-up of the murder of May Mengyao Zhou, a Stanford graduate student whose suspicious death was ruled suicide. His accusations however lack… credibility. To say the least. Taken from the above links:

Eric Schmidt represents and is backed up by some mafia like dark force which tend to resovle their problems with killing power. Threatening my life with May Zhou’s case is not the only time, Schmidt’s side had actually plotted a murder on me during his fight with authorities and would have wiped me out, though it was crashed by securities in time, and that’s why he was removed from his CEO position. [Red text in the original]

Cao never seems to rest. Do a search on the terms “Peter Cao” “Eric Schmidt” and there are countless (highly repetitive) examples of his accusations. Is there any substance to them? Well, personally, I am strongly persuaded that the guy is an utter fruitbat. Here’s a glimpse of how he sees himself (which perhaps also reveals his motivation):

Google’s ambition in China is not limited in business. Google tried to act as a flagship of foreign powers to rival Chinese authorities on Chinese territory. Even till today, google still arrogantly places itself hight and lofty above Chinese people over its existence in China.
In the past, Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt had backed up crimes against me, and had threatened my life with the mysterious death of very innocent people in Stanford in that case. I defeated Schmidt at authorities in this case and got him down from his CEO position. I could tell Google would be eventually terminated and kicked out of in China if Google executives refuse to ‘change stance on China’.

To make a bad situation worse, it appears someone responded to his comments on Business Insider by registering under the name Eric Schmidt and trolling the crazy guy (See comments):

Peter. It’s me, Eric. I thought we already talked about this. I am going to squash you like a bug if you keep posting on this comment board. What you don’t know (but surely suspected) is that the video cameras I installed in your house are allowing me to track everything you do. In fact, I am live streaming your pathetic life, including all the insane searches you do about my home address and love interests, to all my friends on the Stanford faculty. Next I will bring in my mafia-like dark killing power to bear.

I think most of us would assume that was not the real Schmidt… On what appears to be his blog however, Cao has taken the threat as vindication.

I report all this not because I think it’s amusing (though shamefully, I do), but out of a rather morbid fascination. Paranoid delusion is in the air right now as the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches. Fantasies of persecution – whether those of the deniers, or those of the attackers themselves – have the power to change the world. And recently it feels a lot like the mad are winning.


10 thoughts on “The Persecution Of Google’s Eric Schmidt

  1. Interesting to read. I only found out about this guy recently while looking up some of Sabastians reasons for his departure from Stanford. Read the guys blog but it does sound very outlandish. Almost like something from an episode of 24. He offers no apparent motive, no evidence of any kind except “I said so” and “I got threatened”. I mean this poor girl died 4 years ago and the guy has waited all this time to start with the accusations? Seems like a total nutcase with an axe to grind to me.


  2. I almost wonder if its sponsored by the Chinese government. “Google’s ambition in China is not limited in business. Google tried to act as a flagship of foreign powers to rival Chinese authorities on Chinese territory. Even till today, google still arrogantly places itself hight and lofty above Chinese people over its existence in China.” sounds kinda like propaganda.


    1. I think it’s more that he has propagandistic habits of thought and expression. I doubt the Chinese government is training special mad agents. It’s a creative approach, sure, but pretty risky.


  3. But did anyone bother researching the case of May Mengyao Zhou?! I don’t who was involved but there no way she killed her self. A fucking homicide covered up as suicide wtf. She drove her self to some random town, beat the shit out o herself, cut her wrists and jumped in the back of her car, this equals suicide?! Something smells rotten here.


  4. I’ve run into, and corresponded, with Peter Cao about this a few times, mostly to get him to stop posting. He is, as you say, relentless. The thing is, there’s something to the story. There’s just enough to make it not smell like a total nutcase conspiracy job. And the biggest factor is that no one at Google has ever pursued any action against Cao to stop him. If someone began posting “Google causes cancer” enough times, they’d at least get a C&D letter. But they’ve let this guy go on for years, untouched. That in itself is curious enough to raise the question of whether it’s true.

    And now Schmidt makes a semi-secret trip to North Korea, against the wishes of the US… seeming to act with the same intentions and behavior that Cao has attributed to him.

    Something just smells weird here.


  5. I fount the cao comment on nature. I found it really funny and well done. I looked at sebastian thrun videos and i am skeptical: this guy is closer to a robot than a human being. I do not see how a soulless thing can commit a passionate crime.


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