The Death Of The Killer

The leader de facto of Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi.
The most shocking of all images of Gaddafi - as a sane, smiling human being

I.Doubt.It is pleased to announce that we for one will not be showing you pictures of Muammar Gaddafi’s damaged corpse. Why so squeamish, some ask. Are we too sheltered from death? I think not. We all come across plenty real death in our lives, not least our own, and we are saturated with incredible amounts of fake death in the guise of entertainment.

It’s just decency. I think all humans feel that the dead deserve a measure of respect. As far as we can tell even our closest relatives like homo erectus, who used tools and fire and probably spoke, did not do anything with the bodies of their dead. Nomads, they simply moved on, leaving corpses where they lay. With sadness no doubt, but without ceremony. By contrast all humans, even those who have no belief in an afterlife, treat the bodies of the dead with a special respect – when they can. It appears to be an instinct, one unique to our species.

So when we turn images of real dead people into a lurid form of quasi-entertainment, parading them for shock, sales, or triumphalism, it is quite literally dehumanising.

I’m not surprised that they killed him of course. It’s a war. Should we care that they did? Yes. We should always care that the right thing is done. And I don’t think it was here. Gaddafi died in custody. According to the BBC, acting Prime Minister Mahmoud…

…confirmed that Col Gaddafi had been taken alive, but died of bullet wounds minutes before reaching hospital.

It remains unclear just how and when Gaddafi got those bullet wounds.

Nonetheless this is good news for Libya, and I hope an example for the rest of the Middle East. In Tunisia and Egypt, leaders stepped down in the face of mass protest and are alive to this day. Gaddafi clung to power, and was shot in the belly and head. That may give other dictators – like, say, Syria‘s Assad –  something to sleep on.


3 thoughts on “The Death Of The Killer

    1. I didn’t say grief or mourning were unique to humans. Respectful treatment of dead bodies though I think is.

      The only thing I know of in nature that even humans see as analogous to our ceremonious treatment of the dead is the way elephants treat the bones of other elephants. They definitely seem to relate to them – they are much more interested in elephant bones than other kinds – but it’s pretty contentious to say that what they’re showing is respect rather than say curiosity or stress.


  1. Libyan Constitution Between Policy and Sophistry:
    About The new Constitution and Articles provided by, the persistent
    attempts of some to influence the general public opinion, either by
    using religion from some Clergymen or the exploitation of the
    ignorance of some people about general concept of democracy and the
    right of choice to get what their goal, in addition to the issue that
    Qur’an is the source of legislation in the Libyan Constitution, As
    they are the guardians with their ignorance on us and our religion, if
    we did not build on the experiences of others “developed countries” to
    create the new Constitution of our state, it means we are not aware of
    our reality, namely what the criminal tyrant did; the destruction of
    the minds and souls, we must be aware of our reality very well today,
    going through the weakness, but tomorrow will be better through taking
    advantage of other developed countries, those established their
    constitution after suffering and hard work, we do not have to start
    from scratch or making new silly experience, it is not logical to make
    a new Machine now without the experiences of other advanced countries
    in this field because there is no market for it, the insertion of
    religion in politics is the source of real danger, we’ve to take an
    example of the experiences of nations, all advanced countries now
    adopt a secular constitution because it guarantees the rights of all
    without religious distinction, and to block those who try to exploit
    religion in order to influence the public for their own interests, of
    course this taking into account the respect for the official state
    religion “Islam”, so that new constitution should not incompatible
    with the official religion, so clergymen when they no longer have room
    for logical controversy, they do put religion in front of them and say
    things like God said; Do you want to challenge the word of God?!
    “warding off the others”, of course, interpretation of the religion is
    loose “Multi-interpretation”, this gonna opens the door for the
    exploitation of ordinary people, some of the Clergymen giving an
    examples of false that countries established on the basis of a
    religious system are a democratic countries and developed, of course
    this is something flawed completely, regarding some of the so-called
    fallacy of Islamic countries; the formers, such as the Omayyad and
    Abbasid The Mogul later,,, their rulers were using Islamic religion
    system only when the others try to touch their rule, they said you’ve
    to obey the Ruler, not to mention their corruption and evildoing,
    truth is not applied to all Muslims only to those simple, modern
    states such as Malaysia and Turkey are secular states, has
    multi-religions, despite the majority of them are Muslims. The idea
    here is that there is no a successful religious state, because it is
    not possible for the applying of utopia on earth “there is human
    characters like: selfishness, bias,,, no room for the loose laws,
    although the example of Iran: the oppressive theocracy that exploits
    the ordinary people, the so-called men of religion, the religion of
    them is only whims and their interests,
    For those who speak of history; should be conscious of what they say first.
    The dilemma is that the mere entering of religion in any way
    prejudice the Constitution, the fact that civil constitution should be
    without wrap or turn.
    the idea is Establishing a Constitution which does not prejudice the
    principles of the religious community, but incorporating the
    constitution is something else different.
    We should know very well that there is no successful religious state
    throughout the ages, this is fallacy, the interpretation of loose
    religion system makes tyrants giving them the opportunity to use it
    for their own purposes and to suppress their opponents later.
    I have noticed covering and exploitation of God’s religion to appeal
    the feelings of ordinary Muslim people, as well as exploitation of the
    events of the revolution as it’s an entry phase of armament for
    self-defense and right, knowing that some of them were engaged what
    so-called the Islamists whom had participated the “Mukatila” fighting
    group in Afghanistan, including the knowledge of how to use weapons,
    especially most of Them are a Russian-made weapons, and so they got
    the opportunity in Libya, especially that most people here do not have
    experience with it, some of them managed to leading positions taken it
    easily, taking in account almost Libyans have good intent and already
    Muslims, although most of them do not deserve it because they do not
    have leadership at all.

    We are at stake, Patriotism is above everything else, the extent of
    this simple and good people such as those will facilitate climbing,
    religion of God is not supposed to be seized on by others.
    Conclusion: We are a human beings we are sinners and we have our
    prejudice, will never protect us only a strict law does not give the
    opportunity to exploit the gaps into it, strange that when so-called
    Islamists were seek for a refugee they found it only at shelter of law
    and freedoms Land, namely the Western countries with a secular
    constitution, this is Islamist’s hypocrisy they try to bring the law
    into a loose to exploit it later, this is a risk on the progress of
    any country, we say that we strive for a advanced modern country!, how
    to establish the Constitution on the basis of religion this gonna make
    many gaps within it, the developed and modern state will have a
    secularists and Christians, Buddhists,,, how will they be treated,
    when the Constitution does not take into account the rest of the
    religions and ethnicity,,, , we must note the contrast between
    Articles 05,11 and 21 in the old constitution: Loos constitution we
    should bridge these gaps, so it will be easier to make a good Lows
    later , we must learn from the experiences and mistakes of developed
    societies for the establishment of a strict Constitution not loose
    one, if we didn’t, then the culture of tyrants and vampires will
    prevail they are larking for Usurp of our children’s future, culture
    of respect for the scientific capability and the granting of having
    them is better than leave room for bluffing or who have only
    sophistry, only it will lead to the abyss, we are now in a position
    likely it will be a knockout blow may be fatal, being we’re moderate
    religious people, does not mean to leave the area to exploit the
    future of our children, or promote the idea of covering the
    genitalia!, such as drunkenness and adultery : hiding and covering
    them up does not work, covering dirty will make it worse, the
    hypocrisy of sick people does not solve the problem but exacerbated
    by, we’ve to face the world with our open minds not with weak souls
    and covering up grappling problems, trying to find solutions is better
    than hiding “the doctrine of covering the genitalia”, the truth is
    there is no escape from the fact that no way to apply the religion on
    earth means utopian does not exist and is not applicable on the
    ground, otherwise there will be no punishment and reward in the
    reckoning day.
    Also we should not forget to be careful of the Iraqi experience, the
    Abuse of power “abuses of bad government” and lack of respect for the
    suffering of the Iraqi people destinies, one example is the failure of
    solving the problem of electricity there so far, despite the
    disbursement of billions of dollars, we must be aware of criminals
    their appearances and scientific Certificates are not enough to make a
    straight men, Patriotism is essential, based on the original culture
    and psychological characters sound from incurable diseases, we should
    know that the high certificates does not mean high scientific ability
    to think and solve problems or straight man, not all human beings have
    the appropriate logic to solve problems or leadership,
    Do you know the reason behind underdevelopment countries like Africa;
    Although it is a continent full of natural resources that allow to
    rise a developed countries, due to the psychological character first
    of all, if we compare the African man for example with the Western man
    we find that the Western man cares about the future of his children
    for hundreds of years to the contrary from the African who care about
    the only himself and his low instinct, this is worse than level of
    irrational animals, not to mention that the concept of humanity is
    very weak, that is why human should care about the future of his
    children away from dirty emotions to be a real human.
    we should know the extent of the destruction and the deliberated
    ignorance inflicted by that criminal tyrant will make it easier for us
    to get out of the danger zone, we must be careful of whom play on the
    patriotism string in addition to the exploitation of religion, but our
    choice will determine how our children will respect and look to us in
    the future.

    about the Islamic banks: some people do not want to understand the fact of the exploitation of religion and the ignorance of the public: The Western Financial experts studied Islamic banks, especially after the global financial crisis, where many lost confidence in the financial system except Islamic Bank, they were wondering what’s abnormal about Islamic Banks!: This is an example in England after extensive study; the surprise was what is happening even though their banks offer low interest rate less than the Islamic banks, which pretend not taking the benefits!!! How they conduct Islamic banks! They should be on place except earth! They found that Islamic banks in the process of beating around the bush and ugly exploitation in the name of religion, the interest ratio is pretty high on some loans to 40%, which is very high, so why the Muslims accept it and leave the five percent! They said (Islamic Banks) we do not deliver it directly by hand “this is the Sharia”! And other strange things which indicative of the foolish people and the exploitation of religion, “Exploitation is exploitation, regardless of the means” so I can bring someone else with me to take low rate Loan instead of me from non-Islamic Bank, that made the British to open Islamic banks under management of Men of religion for Muslim Clients! It’s very Lucrative Banks! Not only this there were a debate between financial economists and experts from Jordan and the UAE on the one hand against the Secretary-General of the Islamic banks and Egyptian economist from Muslim Brotherhood supports the idea of Islamic Banks: this is documented by video and audio to found the limit of ugly exploitation of religion, not only this but there is theft, what Secretary-General replied: some of the brothers did, may God forgive them, they steal! It’s documented, and about The extent of exploitation he did not find an answer! Economy has it’s rules!!!, what’s the story! There is only exploit of the foolishness!!! this World has it’s rules. no one did apply religion Laws on earth before why we should? we’re very weak now we can’t bear another stroke it could destroy us! we are not on place of trial and false!!!!!!!!

    Also, everyone should realize that Libya is for all Libyans and that
    most Libyans took a part in this revolution by any means, this is
    blessed revolution and no one to boast or claim to be more deserving
    than others, as the crazy tyrant previously said: I took it by my
    rifle, if it’s a matter of booty as if they raided a foreign
    aggressor’s Land, If this is the logic of the ignorant people then
    NATO alliance has the right too! because they played a key role!!, we
    have to respect the souls of the martyrs and whom suffered harm from
    that dirty tyrant so enough ignorance, but all unite for free and
    civilized Libya, and we should recover what we lost, with Solidarity,
    tolerance and love for our country that will determine the fate and
    future of our children.


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