I Qualify To Be American

The passing grade is just 58. I could be an American! I hadn’t been planning to apply, but maybe they do an honorary membership.

Just sad it’s not a perfect score. I need to bone up on the achievements of James Madison. Sure we’ve all heard of him, but what exactly did he do? No idea.

Easiest one I got wrong: What is the national anthem? You see I knew it was a trick question – The Star Spangled Banner is not officially the US anthem!

Or it wasn’t in 1929, when my copy of the collected Ripley’s Believe it or Not was published. Important lesson there: Weird and interesting facts may be subject to change. When the thing that everyone knows is actually wrong, sometimes people alter reality to make it conform to their misconceptions.

You can take the “Test of Americanness that many actual Americans would probably fail” test here.


5 thoughts on “I Qualify To Be American

  1. I beat you by one question. I think most Americans would fail this test, simply for the fact that it’s so horrendously long, and they’ve got better things to do, like post on Facebook.


      1. I think you should have taken notice of the “Or Not” disclaimer that Ripley so fairly provides right there in the title of their reference works.


      2. Oh no, the implied statement there is “Believe It Or Not, it’s true anyway”. If Ripley had actually wanted us to doubt his word, he’d have called it “Believe it Or Don’t”.


  2. I got 92 correct. I disagree that most Americans would fail; most of these questions are spectacularly easy. Especially considering they are multiple choice, and the other answers frequently make no sense.


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