A Great Computer, Cheaply


Odd as it may seem, I don’t own a good computer. There are maybe a dozen of the things strewn about the place, in various states of obsolescence and/or disassembly. Some are essentially museum pieces now – an Amstrad, a Psion Organiser. Others were never new, but cobbled together from discarded parts. Even the best have long reached the limits of their upgrade potential, and show their age when threatened with recent software.

Considering that I’m doing a degree in information technology, this borders on the embarrassing.

My new year project then is to create a computer that is truly… good. Not only powerful by the standards of today, but with a potential for upgradability that will keep it current for years. What’s more, if I’m going to build a computer from scratch by hand I want it to be a piece of workmanship, satisfying both technologically and aesthetically. So the choice of components will be critical.

Only one small obstacle: I’m almost completely broke. An excellent computer then, at a bargain POS price.

Challenge accepted.


8 thoughts on “A Great Computer, Cheaply

      1. Not even a bit. After all I already have a bucketload of underpowered devices that could run Linux. Plus, Windows is a necessity for college work, and graphics editing power for work work.

        Also, in no part of the product description does the phrase “Bristling with RAM” occur.


  1. There are some powerful (when overclocked) AMD cc builds that are quite cheap.
    Also if you are going for really nice simple aestetics, nothing can beat the BitFenix Prodigy case.
    P.S. Wait until after CES to go looking for components.



  2. Oh, I must have thought it was a stock photo
    Anyway, the Intel i3 3220 would seem the best option considering the mobo.
    Suggestion: Piece to together old late 80’s early 90’s filofax tech and misc into a robot of some sort. It’s face, a terrible resistive touch screen. It’s limbs, equally terrible stylus’. It would try to cause annoyance, but it would blue screen due to it running a mobile optimized Windows 2000.


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