The Criminalisation Of Dissent


College year being over I can think again about other aspects of reality. Such as the mess it’s in. I made it to a meeting about economics and change, and we were discussing why in Ireland we seem to be just letting this shit happen to us. The conclusion was that it is not just inexplicable passivity on the public’s part, all sorts of pressures are placed on people to make them keep their heads down. Some of them subtle, some brutal.

Somebody used the memorable phrase “The criminalisation of dissent”, and I had to draw this.

Stop, Press: For some protesty goodness, why not try these two short plays at the Town Hall Theatre? They’ll be followed by (optional) discussions with real historians and economists about the parlous state of the parlous State.


3 thoughts on “The Criminalisation Of Dissent

  1. Off topic but I needed to say that that cartoon broke my brain in the cognitive sense. Like when the name of a colour is written in another colour and you have to say what colour font was used. I guess that means you drew something powerful up there.


    1. Thanks. Brain damage was what I was going for.

      I actually drew a version that was simply the word “No” struck through by the “No” symbol. That was more immediately head-wrecking, but this one contextualises it better.


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