Creeplove Salvation

Captured from Twitter:


Love it. It neatly captures the Catholic Church’s schizophrenic morality. Insinuating itself into public and private life, offering its creeplove salvation.

The “Sindo” by the way is the Sunday Independent newspaper. They like to run polls. I seem to have voted in one just now by clicking on a link in fact. At least it thanked me for voting – I still don’t know what the question was. So I wouldn’t give too much weight to the results, I don’t think 22% of people today would really prefer a woman to die than have an abortion.

I wish I could be sure though.


3 thoughts on “Creeplove Salvation

  1. I constantly fear and mistrust the forced gestation lobby. They are still powerful. I wish they could be overcome. It’s becoming more my belief that anyone who does not hold a pro-choice point of view puts themselves outside compassionate discourse from here on in.


  2. Yeah, sorry, got a bit angry there. It’s not a subject I can be neutral about, not when it threatens and endangers my choices and health. It’s hard to stay calm and reasoned when…ah, I’d better stop.


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