And We’re Back In The Room

If you’re having trouble seeing my blog try clearing your browser cache.


That’s better. My apologies; following an entry titled ‘Last Post’ with the sudden and total disappearance of this blog may, just possibly, have created a misleading impression. Don’t worry. The blogging will continue until morale improves.

The fact is I’d decided that, as I am pretty much specialising in creating and hosting WordPress sites these days, it was kind of embarrassing that my own blog was still hosted by someone else. Up to now it’s been a free site. This is a fantastic service if you just want a blog, but if you install WordPress on your own server you can do so much more. Which is exactly what I’m doing for a lot of people now. In fact I’m on the verge of officially launching it as a business. More of this… shortly.

Anyway, I hit a snag in the transfer process while changing the domain name to point to the new version. It was a simple thing, but it happened just before I left on a visit to the Netherlands to see the Heironymus Bosch 500th anniversary exhibition. Of this too I hope to stop speak in the near future.

But for now, a happy Paddy’s Day to all of you in places where it’s still Paddy’s Day. Here in Ireland it’s been over for some hours, and I’m off to bed.


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