Here be opinions. On technology, politics, science – the little things that make life worthwhile. Usually with my subversive humour, and sometimes my cartoons and photographs.

I•Doubt•It developed from Microcosmopolitan in the Galway City Tribune. It was originally a satirical opinion column on Irish politics and society, but it tended to go off on tangents. Now it’s a blog it can be about whatever in the world I like.

I like four things.

GGalway Now
Galway Now

Humour This way for jokes. Or at least, the jokes I mean less seriously.

Technology Stuff about technology, if that’s your bag. Mine is. I have a technology bag. I study it.

Cosmography Cosmography literally means ‘Mapping the Universe’. Art, philosophy, maths. You know. 

Politics There’s too much of this about these days, but I try to cordon it all off in here.

I . Doubt . It articles appear on a daily, strike that, weekly, no hold on, random basis. It really depends what else is going on. Though if interesting things do draw me away I try to write about them when I get back.

Galway c.1651
Galway c.1651